How do I setup an UltraViolet account?

At this time, you are only able to setup an UltraViolet account from another supported device (PC/Mac, iPad or iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone)

To create or link your UltraViolet account go to on the web or:

1. Visit to launch M-GO on the web.
2. Click Login.
3. Go to Account > Settings.  If you're using a web browser, to get to your Account, first click your avatar on the right side of the header at the top of any page then click Settings.
4. Click the App Settings tab.
5. In the UltraViolet card, you will be given the option to link or create an UltraViolet account. (Note you'll need to be at least 18 years old).
6. After linking or creating the account, return to the TV to purchase your movie.